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Zingiber Wild Hair Serum 58ml

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  • Guerniss Zingiber Wild Hair Serum is an ideal scalp nutrient solution. Wild Ginger is the main ingredient of this Ginger essential serum. Ginger helps in hair regrowth and restores hair moisture. It has minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that help in reducing hair fall. It also has Antiseptic properties that is beneficial for healing any kind of scalp infections and treating dandruff.

  • Usage : Apply it directly to your scalp, by dividing your hair into portions and spraying it to your scalp and gently massage with your fingertips. You can keep it for 2-3 hours or leave it overnight and shampoo your hair the next day. Repeat this 2/3 times a week and get a healthy scalp with soft and shiny manageable hair.

  • Ingredients : Zingiber Officinale Extract, Fruit Oil, Sunflower Oil, Natural Plant Based Elements.