Guerniss was established in 2014 in Hongkong by Mr Albert Jerry who is a man of Hongkong. He is treated as one of the eminent industrialists in that region. He is also well known for his outstanding performance in Creative Cosmetics formulation in France ,South Korea and China. After mutual discussion in 2019 the Whole entity of Guerniss was acquired by Md.Tosimul Haq Rony. So, Albert Jerry is “no longer involved in the brand in any capacity

Rony Boss Web Pic

Tosimul haq rony
CEO / Owner

As a prominent artist Rony describes makeup artistry as, “Painting on Living Canvas“. He explains, “Every canvas (face of a client/model) is different. Whether that can be in shape, color, texture etc. Each canvas has a vision, an opinion and a story. Each must be specially prepped and painted to create a customized and flawless application. Makeup products are my mediums, artfully layered and blended to achieve the desired effect. In makeup artistry, no canvas is exactly like another. No face is exactly like another. That is what makes it so beautiful and exciting.’’ Mr. Rony achieved his first graduation from Makeup Forever Academy, Singapore Branch. Then he didn’t stop himself. His thoughts continued to gain more knowledge on makeup and beauty. To make his dream come true he then got admitted to SMA Makeup Academy situated in Thailand. He also took part in many fairs like Cosmo proof (Hong Kong), Middle East Beauty Fair in Dubai, Kotra Beauty Expo in Korea, Eurasia Beauty Expo in Istanbul. He spent many hours on grooming others and giving them advice. His long 10 years of vast experience refined his skills and broadened his makeup experience through visiting and working with many world class brand factories like Kiehl’s, Dermasil, Guerniss and many more. He also got knowledge on comprehensive certification makeup-artistry training program and continued to acquire education on current makeup trend, technique and latest product knowledge. As a professional certified artist he traveled various locations across the world supporting brand events and conducted makeup seminars to fellow artists and clients. Today, he continues to work passionately, creating exquisite makeup looks on faces everywhere and helping his clients to feel confident and look their best.