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Strong Core & Empower Conditioner

1150 Tk.

Tk. 862.5

  • Guerniss Strong Core & Empower Conditioner  is an outstanding hair care product for your daily hair beauty regimen. It is designed and developed with exclusive herbal ingredients and modern medicated formula. Without the usage of a conditioner your hair can become more brittle, prone to breakage, vulnerable to tangleOur conditioner protects your hair cuticle which is the outermost layer of hair. Cuticles dominates hair fibers and preserves inner layer that supplies Strength and Texture to your hair. Moreover, as one of the main ingredients our conditioner contains Selaginella tamariscina which is basically an evergreen, medicinal and perennial type of herb.This herb makes your hair shiny, smooth, silky and tangle free. It's suitable for dry hair.


  • Usage: After washing hair, wipe it until it does not drip. Take the appropriate amount of conditioner and apply it evenly on the hair. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes. After the hair fully absorbs it, rinse it with warm water.

  • Ingredients: Water, cetearyl alcohol, dimethiconol, stearyl trimethyl ammonium, shanzi trimethacrylate, amino-terminated dimethicone, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methyl iso quinazolinone, methyl isocyanate weilang, wuhuarou, magnesium nitrate, selaginella extract, lactic acid, flavor.