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Pine Seed Essential Hair Oil 58ml

960 Tk.

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  • Guerniss has recently introduced its first essential oil based product formulated specially with pine seed or nut. Pine seeds contain a variety of nutrients that contribute to human health and hair. Guerniss Pine Seed Essential Hair Oil enriched with vitamin E makes your hair so soft, smooth and shiny. This wonderful formulation also contains some fruit oils like Amla,Olive and Sunflower Oil which makes your hair stronger and reduces hair fall. Moreover, Oleic Acid in Sunflower oil prevents hair breakage, repairs split ends and controls frizziness. This hair serum is a multifunctional oil that brings softness and shininess to the hair, with a detangling and anti-frizz effect. It is ideal for controlling difficult hair and reducing dryness. 

  • Usage : Wash your hair thoroughly before application and blow it till dryness reaches to 80%. Take 2-3 drops of Pine seed essential serum on your palm by pressing it once, apply it gently and evenly to the hair to make it shiny and smooth. By using this  daily after shower your hair will be healthier, shinier and more manageable than before. 

  • Ingredients: Pine Seed Extract, Fruit Oil, Sunflower Oil, Natural Plant Based Elements.