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Makeup Removing Tissue

660 Tk.

Tk. 462

  • Guerniss Makeup Removing Cotton Tissue  is made for applying Toner, BB cream, Eye Shadows and other liquid complexion. Its made of 100% certified organic cotton that would be healthier for your body and also for the environment. It's chlorine and synthetic free which effectively removes makeup without tearing or irritating the skin. These are also great for applying foundation, primer and lotion or for  removing traces of nail polish when giving by yourself an at-home manicure. So, use it to enjoy a high degree of cleaning beauty essential. It has Soft & Smooth texture that allows maximum absorption and helps keep potentially dangerious substances away from skin contact. This product is free of Paraben, Sulfate and Phthalate.



  • Usage : Gently wipe face and eyes to remove makeup and use the other side as needed. Keep closed the box after use and store it in a dry and dust free place.

  • Ingredients : 100% Organic Fibre.